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Richard L. Conn


Coming from an Illinois farming background, Richard L. Conn graduated from the University of Illinois with an MS in Agronomy in 1970. He immediately began his regulatory affairs career in the regulatory affairs department of a major agricultural pesticide producer. He loved the immense variety of projects for a large number of active ingredients so much that he chose to stay with the same company for 18 years. His quality work was not unnoticed. In 1988, he helped begin Stewart Pesticide Registration Associates in Arlington, Virginia, where for seven years he directed a staff of regulatory and scientific consultants and provided his own consulting services. In 1995, he co-founded Charles, Conn & Van Gemert, LLC, which later became Charles & Conn, LLC and continued providing a wide variety of pesticide regulatory consulting services for clients ranging from the largest in the business to small start ups.

Now with the formation of Conn & Smith, Inc., those 35 plus years of varied regulatory challenges are invaluable. Mr. Conn has experienced virtually all facets of pesticide registration in numerous multi-disciplinary projects. In addition to preparation of high quality submission packages for all types of pesticides, Mr. Conn excels in efficiently obtaining publicly available documents. He also has significant experience with data rights/data compensation costing exercises and negotiations as well as expert witness testimony in product liability lawsuits. Mr. Conn provides his clients first-class work in a highly ethical, efficient, and private manner.

Cynthia A. Smith


When Cynthia (Cindy) Smith was teaching chemistry at the University of Illinois, she discovered that she has a gift for explaining science to non-scientists. This gift, in combination with her academic training in chemistry, biology, and business administration, prepared Ms. Smith very well for a career in pesticide regulatory affairs and consulting. Ms. Smith began her regulatory career in the antimicrobials sector, and beginning in 1987, has focused on agricultural pesticides.

In 1997, Ms. Smith founded her own highly successful consulting firm, C.A. Smith Consulting LLC. Ms. Smith has obtained EPA and PMRA registrations for new active ingredients, new uses, and new formulations, and she has obtained the associated tolerances for active and inert ingredients. In addition, Ms. Smith has prepared joint review submissions and reduced risk proposals, and she has provided FIFRA training. Client comments have included:

  • “Cindy has completed projects faster than we thought was possible.”
  • “For a client like me who speaks English as a second language, Cindy is very easy to understand. She speaks slowly and clearly, listens carefully, and asks questions.”

Ms. Smith is pleased to join Mr. Conn in the 2005 founding of Conn & Smith, Inc.

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