Our Clients

Our clients are American and international pesticide manufactures and formulators. They include the large basic producers, mid-sized companies, and small entrepreneurial companies. Our client’s products are generally biopesticides or conventional pesticides for outdoor food use, and to a lesser extent, for animal health, residential, turf and ornamental, industrial, and antimicrobial uses.

Why Use Conn & Smith?

Conn & Smith clients experience many benefits.

  • Reduced time to market.
  • Consistent high-quality service provided by exclusively expert-level consultants.
  • Teams built as needed (e.g., to add risk assessment expertise) to supplement our internal scientific expertise.
  • High success rate of securing registrations for sale and use of conventional and biochemical pesticides in the United States and Canada and the associated food use authorizations  (tolerances, tolerance exemptions, and MRLs) based upon the first submission.
  • Clear, concise communications.
  • Experienced representation and direct communication with regulatory agency staff.
  • Accelerated project timelines accomplished via strategic utilization of time zone differences.