What Our Clients Say About Us

Biopesticide Projects

We have worked with Conn & Smith for 12 years now, after a failed start with a large DC firm, and in that time have accomplished so much: registered products in both the Biopesticide Division and Registration Division, registered 9 new active ingredients, approved new inert ingredients, conducted toxicity testing, reformulated several products, amended labels, and conducted company-wide Regulatory training. We are so pleased to have found Conn & Smith. Cindy & Richard are responsive, competent, experienced and great to work with.

—From an entrepreneurial American company

We have a great trust relationship with Conn & Smith. Cindy Smith has been our consultant for EPA and PMRA regulatory projects for many years. Accomplishments include EPA registration of a new biochemical pesticide active ingredient and formulation, all crop tolerance exemption, many new food uses added to the EPA label, PMRA registration for a new food use active ingredient and formulations, PMRA label expansions, organic use (NOP, OMRI, WSDA), and more. These were achieved with only minor comments from the regulatory authorities and with no delays. Cindy generates an action plan, sets a timeline, and consults appropriately at every step. Cindy’s EPA and PMRA applications and petitions have helped us with faster and lower cost dossier preparation for other parts of the world.

—From a small international agricultural biopesticide manufacturer

Biostimulant Projects

Working with Conn & Smith has been a delight. Not only does Cindy know the EPA inside and out, and all of the channels and lines of communication, but she also has top-drawer science, writing and editing skills. Cindy took what I thought was a good and mature proposal, made it infinitely better, and installed within it all chances of success. The entire experience has been one to learn from, a standard in professionalism, communication, timing, and execution. No matter what advice is sought, or what level of leadership in the space, it must surely be impossible to find a better path forward in EPA regulations than with Conn & Smith.

—From an multinational start-up company

Conventional Pesticide Projects

Cindy completed a high priority project faster than we thought possible.  The timely success of this project enabled us to close a very large sale.

—From a mid-sized American company

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you once again for our continuing, very successful cooperation. The successful registration [of a new food use active ingredient] was based mainly on your work. You did a great job! I have really enjoyed working together with you. Every time we came to a hurdle, you formed a solution that was acceptable to us and our U.S. development partner. I very much hope that we will be able to work together in the future.

—From a large multinational basic producer

Congratulations! You made it, and in fact we never doubted this. Thanks for your engagement and addition to this project, which is now not over, but which really reached a milestone. As I told you already, it is my feeling that cooperation between [the client] and you can be characterized as one “of very quick response.”

—From a large multinational basic producer

For a client like me who is a not a native English speaker, Cindy is very easy to understand. She speaks slowly and clearly, listens carefully, and asks questions

—From a large multinational basic producer

We want to thank you for all your unconventional ideas for getting [a new active ingredient registration and tolerance petition] back on track and for your efforts in polishing the data package and thus getting the submission through EPA without any delay.

—From a large multinational basic producer

Conn & Smith is who you need to team with if you have to navigate any aspect of FIFRA permitting. Our corporation needed authorization to manufacture a particular biocide, and we got Conn & Smith on board from square one. This regulatory arena is very complicated, and we would have been lost without Conn & Smith. They are extremely experienced, know the process inside and out, and are wonderful to deal with.

—From a large American company new to FIFRA regulations

Wow!!! Congratulations Cindy, you made it. We are all very proud of you and really appreciate your professional work, commitment, and cooperation with us.

—From a large multinational basic producer regarding an EPA import tolerance for a new active ingredient

Today we received EPA’s publication of our [new active ingredient] import tolerance on grapes in the U.S. The whole process went very smoothly.  We received only minor comments and the toxicological evaluation is unbelievable positive. This of course is also the result of the perfect dossier which you prepared.  We like to thank you again sincerely for this.

—From a large multinational basic producer

We are extremely pleased that we were granted a registration for [a new food use active ingredient and its end use product] by Canada’s PMRA and in the U.S. by the EPA. On behalf of our company, I want to thank you most sincerely for the outstanding service that you provided for us over the past two years. You have been our primary consultant on this project from the very first day. We recognize your guidance, decisions, knowledge of how the PMRA and EPA work, and maybe most important of all your ability and willingness to cooperate fully with our staff and [international partner] to what can be fairly described as a resounding success. For us, a relatively new player in the US AgChem market, these registrations give us an identity and a “place at the table”.  Again, thank you very much for a job well done.

—From the CEO of a small American company

FIFRA Training and Coaching

Thanks again for the excellent training. I’ve gotten nothing but superlatives about it. And thanks again for the validation that I am thinking correctly on Regulatory. It’s hard some days not having someone else of experience to bounce things off of here; it can feel like quite an island on occasion.

—From the Regulatory Affairs Director of a medium sized American registrant company

The best way to serve my company is to bring accurate regulatory information to the table along with viable options for achieving our objectives. The mentoring relationship we’ve developed is the perfect solution for me to efficiently pursue our goals while maintaining FIFRA compliance. In waters this deep there is no substitute for experience. Having the benefit of your experience in developing and executing strategies gives us the confidence we need to make decisions and take action in this complex industry.

—From an entrepreneurial American company