FIFRA Training Courses

Conn & Smith provides pesticide regulatory training conducted by regulatory experts. Our courses provide “how to” information to improve client productivity by focusing on the most important information for the target audience. Attendees better understand the available resources, the regulatory inputs, how the regulatory and science inputs fit together and influence each other, and how each person contributes to fulfilling the client’s regulatory objectives.

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) is the law that addresses pesticides in the United States. The law is relatively short, but there are more than one thousand pages of additional documentation (regulations, guidelines, PR Notices, manuals, etc.) that are applicable to U.S. pesticide regulation. The volume of information can be overwhelming, and time and financial penalties for errors and omissions can be very high.

Conn & Smith conducts custom-designed FIFRA training courses for clients at the client’s location. Our courses focus on the pesticide product types (e.g., conventional pesticides and biopesticides) and uses (e.g., agricultural, residential, and animal health) of interest to the client. Also, courses are designed for the experience level and the responsibilities of the target audience (e.g., regulatory managers, study monitors, labeling staff, and administrative staff). All client company staff are welcome to attend at no additional cost.

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